Top 20 Innovators and Rule Breakers in perfumery packaging

What is innovation in perfumery packaging? Most of perfumery design follows the tried and tested rules of design for perfumery which involve elements of simplicity, elegance and minimalism. But a few brands have dared to be different and the results are stunning…. The house of Sillage – The epitome of luxury. There are many different collections, but the most extravagant is the limited edition collection
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How to find your perfect fragrance

When I was growing up in the early 80s fragrance didn’t interest me at all. That was because there was a real dearth of fragrances suited to a younger palate. My earliest recollections of perfumes in the UK were my grandma’s favorite ‘Tramp’ and ‘Charlie’ or Yardley lily of the Valley and for special occasions Chanel No 5. At that time fragrances were either of
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Stiff competition for china

If we compare the cost of goods in China to other developing countries we can see that China is already less competitive for some products. For example we can buy paper boxes and liners for a cheaper price in India due to the low value of the Rupee, this and the low cost of labour in the country has continued to keep India competitive for