Stiff competition for china

If we compare the cost of goods in China to other developing countries we can see that China is already less competitive for some products. For example we can buy paper boxes and liners for a cheaper price in India due to the low value of the Rupee, this and the low cost of labour in the country has continued to keep India competitive for

Team building Anisha Style

A very nice weekend was had by all at our team building session. We have a super team of chefs - dishes from all over the world were cooked by our international team - nasi goreng from indonesia, south indian curry, pasta and southern fried chicken by our filipino colleagues. Fun and games followed with different team building fun activities as well as a creative

Enhancing the retail experience for perfume buying

Are you the type of perfume buyer who likes a lot of help and guidance in store? Or are you the type who likes to be left alone to meander and make your own decisions? Do you find it helpful or a hindrance when sales staff bombard you with new perfume launches to sniff? Does it confuse and annoy you or make you relieved, that
retail perfume

Generation Z perfume preferences

This is a post by our french guest blogger Lucie Malignon who has been doing work experience at Anisha during June 2018. Generation Z (young people under 21 years), will be the future consumers of perfumes, although generation Z perfume consumption is far lower than for other age sectors. It is the over 50 age group which consumes the most perfume, about 68% of total consumption. How