How can we afford to innovate in a recession?

Yes, times are tough. The perfumery market has been hit hard all over the world and nowhere more than the middle East, it has been hit very badly due to the economic crisis in Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries which are struggling with conflicts and monetary restrictions.  At Gulf Beauty exhibition this year it struck me how few new designs and concepts were on
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Leather Leather everywhere

Everyone wants to follow the market sector leader and risk as little as possible to achieve sales. If some new approach works well then everyone else follows suit and makes their own version of whatever new trend has emerged.  Let’s examine the trend for leather in the Middle East which has been so popular for mass market and ‘masstige’ perfumes. This trend was started by

Top 10 Color Trends for Perfumes 2018

Colours in perfumery are often a reflection of fashion trends. Since nowadays fashion is more fragmented  and eclectic, there are often many conflicting influences merging together. Despite this, strong repeating trends can be identified from the fashion journals and latest perfume product launches. Trend number 1: Dark green themes, a theme of nature as well as peacocks.    Trend number 2: Pastels - varying ice

Want to smell sexy?

Did you know that research into fragrance and arousal by Hirsch in the 1994 shows that sweet fragrances increase arousal in men by up to 30%? The fragrances which caused the biggest arousal of around 32 percent in men were pumpkin pie and lavender. Buttered popcorn scored 9%. However, women’s fragrance scored only 3% arousal increase.   In 1997 Dr Hirsch conducted more research about
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