My Internship at Anisha International


The work experience of Hareem, a graphic design intern studying at Sheffield Hallam University.

When I first started looking for an internship 5 months ago, I did not know what to expect. I was looking for advice from my professors and my family, searching online for design-related agencies. I was hoping to come across an agency where I could learn and grow in two areas: publication and packaging. Speaking from the experience that I gained during 3 months of my internship at Anisha, I would like to tell you about things that I learned as a graphic design intern.

It’s a demanding job

At Anisha, the learning scope was huge as there wasn’t a moment where I felt like the time was being wasted. I was always involved in work areas like packaging design for fragrances, production works, brainstorming, finding creative solutions with the senior team members, market research and I also brushed off my skills in presentations and various high level designing softwares that were used at Anisha. 

There’s plenty to learn

Designing posters and books, any sort of publication seemed like the perfect job for me, as that’s what I did most of my university life. But the first project I was given as an intern was to design a box for a fragrance. I had never done that before and I had no other choice than to ask for advice, watch, learn, and then ask again. And it was perfectly normal and my co-workers were very supportive. I have been involved in designing perfume packaging, fragrance bottles, artwork for production, billboards, making presentations, PSD mockups for clients and evaluating market research.

The team at Anisha is highly skilled, professional and always ready to counsel. Under my seniors I learned how to work in a dynamic workplace pressure and how to efficiently deliver results to the clientele. 

Learning Never Stops 

Graphic design, branding, design thinking — every field of design changes so quickly that there is simply no way to be up to date all the time. In reality, even experienced designers must learn. New tools and technologies arrive every day and they need to keep an open mind, embrace the new information, and experiment in their work. The best piece of advice I can give to an intern in this matter, is to watch and learn and ask questions. Sometimes your supervisor will learn from you as much as you learn from them.

Hareem celebrating passing her exams with first class honours at Anisha offices

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