Hand Sanitizer market trends

Uncertain times do seem to create the best and the worst behavior in human kind. Depending on how people react to difficult situations, altruism, or profiteering and self interest can emerge. Hand sanitizer market trends have become a fascinating topic in these uncertain times. In many countries the shelves of hand sanitizer and soap with […]

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Which perfume brands are environmentally friendly?

perfume refill bar

The threat of global warming has meant that many of us are rethinking the way we shop and what we buy. However, for cosmetics and perfumery brands how feasible is it to recycle perfume packaging? Which perfume brands are environmentally friendly? Most perfume sets are a combination of materials : glass, plastic, aluminum, zinc alloy […]

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Top 20 Innovators and Rule Breakers in perfumery packaging

What is innovation in perfumery packaging? Most of perfumery design follows the tried and tested rules of design for perfumery which involve elements of simplicity, elegance and minimalism. But a few brands have dared to be different and the results are stunning…. The house of Sillage — The epitome of luxury. There are many different […]

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