Niche perfumery in Dubai

Hind Al Oud

We are truly blessed to have so many retail outlets specialised in niche perfumery in Dubai. From Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales, to small stores in Jumeirah, JBR and City Walk, we truly have a thriving marketplace of creative perfumery. On Thursday I took another visit to the niche perfumery section on the second floor of the Dubai Mall which houses many emerging as well as established niche brands. It is a pity that many people don’t know about this area of the mall and it is not well sign posted.

Just follow the pretty dangling lights to reach the Niche perfumery section of the mall

During the daytime, especially during Ramadan, the niche perfumery section is pretty deserted. Staff are mostly busy during the evenings and late night time during Ramadan. So it was a great opportunity to be able to smell many fantastic fragrances at my leisure with the undivided attention of many sales people. The outlets themselves are often a work of art, it’s wonderful just to relax in the beautiful surroundings even before deciding what to buy.

Most of the fragrances sold in this area of the mall are targeted at Arabic clients. So there are many fragrances with woody or spicy oriental bases. Many types of Rose, Jasmine and Magnolia as well as Oudh and Sandalwood blends. The fresher fragrances tend to have more citrus fresh notes. It would be wonderful if we could attract a creative perfumery store which takes more risks and is a little more crazy. Who knows what the future will bring!

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