Team building for design adventurers

Team Bulding For Design Adventures

Our latest adventures in the jungles of Mirdif! Team building for our design company. Feeling bruised and battered, but we all survived to tell the tale…. If you want to see some of our past adventures, why not look at our kayaking in the Abu Dhabi mangroves : […]

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How to find your perfect fragrance

Girl With Perfumes

When I was growing up in the early 80s fragrance didn’t interest me at all. That was because there was a real dearth of fragrances suited to a younger palate. My earliest recollections of perfumes in the UK were my grandma’s favorite ‘Tramp’ and ‘Charlie’ or Yardley lily of the Valley and for special occasions […]

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How are new perfumes made?

Evoution Of New Perfume

How are new perfumes made? What are the stages in the process? Establish the target market Establish the concept Sketch the concept Make 3D model of the bottle Make 3D printing mock up Final animation render presentation to show how it looks Make moulds ready for plastics and bottle Make pre production samples If you […]

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Adventures in team building

Adventures In Team Building

A fun afternoon of kayaking for Team Anisha. Getting stuck in the mangroves when we went the wrong way was only part of the fun! Finding solutions to problems and supporting one another helped to make this a fun day out and the latest in a great series of adventures in team building . The […]

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Stiff competition for china

Mould Making

If we compare the cost of goods in China to other developing countries we can see that China is already less competitive for some products. For example we can buy paper boxes and liners for a cheaper price in India due to the low value of the Rupee, this and the low cost of labour […]

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Team building Anisha Style

Team Building Anisha Style

A very nice weekend was had by all at our team building session. We have a super team of chefs – dishes from all over the world were cooked by our international team – nasi goreng from indonesia, south indian curry, pasta and southern fried chicken by our filipino colleagues. Fun and games followed with […]

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