How to judge a design as a non designer

Target Audience

Many non designers may lack confidence in their ability to judge a design and feel shy to give their own honest feedback to experienced professionals in design meetings. They may find it difficult to explain in detail what is wrong and how to improve the design. They hold back from saying anything in design meetings […]

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What comes first? Perfume or Packaging


The personality of a brand is communicated by the small things like name, font and colour selection, textures on the box and accessories on the bottle. All of these small things add up to an expectation of the personality and quality of fragrance we will get when we start spraying. However, it seems that many […]

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The Niche Bandwagon

Floraiku Perfume

What is a niche perfume? Basically it is any perfume which is sold in limited distribution, in certain selected outlets only. Recently Niche perfumes have been growing their market share worldwide. This is largely because of the increased desire for individuality, a need for higher quality, bespoke products.Niche has traditionally been the most creative part […]

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