Want to smell sexy?

Sexy Perfume ad

Did you know that research into fragrance and arousal by Hirsch in the 1994 shows that sweet fragrances increase arousal in men by up to 30%? The fragrances which caused the biggest arousal of around 32 percent in men were pumpkin pie and lavender. Buttered popcorn scored 9%. However, women’s fragrance scored only 3%arousal increase. […]

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The Niche Bandwagon

Floraiku Perfume

What is a niche perfume? Basically it is any perfume which is sold in limited distribution, in certain selected outlets only. Recently Niche perfumes have been growing their market share worldwide. This is largely because of the increased desire for individuality, a need for higher quality, bespoke products.Niche has traditionally been the most creative part […]

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