The resurgence of Murshid Bazaar

Perfumes Showroom Murshid Bazaar

The wholesale area located behind the gold Souk in Deira, Dubai has been a thriving area of activity for many years serving the Africa, Middle East and Asian subcontinental markets. The economic downturn Dubai experienced over the past few years, combined with Covid, had a noticeable affect on this thriving part of the perfumery business and many shops lay empty. The resurgence of Murshid Bazaar is a clear indicator that the perfumery sector is showing strong signs of recovery. When I visited this area last week I was happy to see that the buzz and activity was back and how the area is now solely focused on perfumes. It should not be long before it becomes a tourist attraction in its own right.

Sterling perfumes have been present in the market for the past few decades

Nowadays new retailers in the area are making efforts to create more modern and attractive showrooms. Gone are the days of showrooms with goods piled high and poor displays. The streets are also full of tourists coming to the area from different countries buying their preferred fragrances at discounted rates. In years to come the area could benefit from tourism promotion in much the same way like the gold souk and spice market areas located right next to Murshid Bazaar. In the past most traders focused on designer perfume brand sales. Nowadays many of the retail outlets are primarily focusing on niche luxury perfume sales.

Attractive new showrooms are appearing across Murshid Bazaar to appeal to tourist shoppers

Companies such as Ajmal and Rasasi have always had attractive outlets to showcase their new creations, but a new breed of perfumers are snapping at their heels. Yusufbhai, a self taught perfumer from the south of India has a beautiful retail outlet showcasing his luxury range of perfumes.

The most interesting new showroom is the new My perfumes Showroom which has three levels. The showroom is dedicated to different key ingredients beloved in this region such as Sandalwood, Musk, Oud, Vanilla and jasmine. The niche luxury perfumes show a great understanding and love of perfume ingredients and are available in luxury packaging at very reasonable prices. A great place to buy gifts and to smell interesting twists on the region’s favourite ingredients.

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