The long term effects of China’s zero covid policy on the world economy

china's zero covid policy

In 2021 most markets came out of lockdown and eased Covid restrictions. However, China and Hong Kong continued with a zero covid policy.  In China continued lockdowns have meant that it has been very challenging to plan shipments and production in 2022 for many industries. Since the New Year holidays this year, factories in our […]

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My Internship at Anisha International


The work experience of Hareem, a graphic design intern studying at Sheffield Hallam University. When I first started looking for an internship 5 months ago, I did not know what to expect. I was looking for advice from my professors and my family, searching online for design-related agencies. I was hoping to come across an agency where I could learn and grow in […]

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Made in France — the 5 factors which reduced its dominance in perfumery

The perfumery industry used to be dominated by French manufacturers of various sizes who supplied both mass market and premium products. If your product was not ‘Made in France’, there was less demand for it and the price point you could sell at reflected this. Packaging components for perfumery were also largely sourced from France. […]

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