Will AI software steal our jobs?

AI generation failure

Graphic designers are constantly being told that AI software will steal our jobs. How will the advancement of AI software affect the graphic design industry?

In our experience, whilst AI is great in some situations, it can be very frustrating when you are trying to do something very specific. Let’s explore some more about some of the issues and classic AI fails we have seen during our AI experimentation.

A beautiful African American woman generated with AI software with an extra hand
Spot the extra limb created in AI

A regular fail is the extra limb achieved in AI software when you try to generate human images.

A muslim gathering around a dinner tables but the AI software has failed to work out that only women wear head scarves
A muslim gathering showing men with beards and babies wearing head scarves

At the moment AI software can’t work out that men with beards and babies would not be likely to wear a head scarf at a muslim dinner table. It knows what is a typical muslim dress, but fails to apply it in the right context.

A birthday girl generated by AI with balloons, but the happy birthday isn't written as per the AI instructions
AI isn’t good at adding the text you asked to be added in the image

At the moment AI technology doesn’t seem to be able to add the text you asked it to add in your instructions. Happy Birthday text is jumbled up and not shown properly.

An example of an impossible to manufacture perfume bottle set generated with AI software
A perfume bottle which would be impossible to manufacture in a glass factory

One of our attempts to generate a creative perfume bottle ended in a bottle which it is impossible to manufacture. With a cap proportion which would be far too small to fit a pump inside. Often proportions are wrong and impossible to manufacture.

AI software is unable to work out what is French style and what is oriental perfume style
French style according to AI

Another issue we have faced is that AI does not understand what constitutes a certain style of design. For this bottle we asked for a French simple style design with a wooden cap. The resulting design would most certainly not class as a French design, as it is too elaborately decorated, probably it would be more at home in an oriental setting.

An example of AI failure an Arab man with smelling strips - but there are no smelling strips - only a floating smoking bottle
An Arab man with a perfume smelling strip?

For this image we asked for an Arabic man smelling some paper smelling strips. We didn’t ask for smoke or floating bottles to be present. No matter how many times we reworded this request, the paper smelling strips never appeared. AI doesn’t seem to understand what they are.

A beautiful lady with shampoo bottles in the top of her head, a classic failure of AI software to execute well
How did she get the bottles in her head? AI couldn’t understand well.

For this AI fail we had uploaded an image of a beautiful lady with bare shoulders and curly long hair. She was twisted around and her head was facing the camera, smiling nicely. There were two bottles of shampoo to the right side of the image which we were unable to remove. So when we asked AI software for a similar type of image, this is the result, shampoo bottles in the beautiful hair !

A family smiling happily for the camera generated by AI software, but the man is dressed very strangely in a ladies blouse
AI software strange dress choices for the men of the family

AI software doesn’t yet understand that a ladies blouse is not an acceptable dress for men in most countries. So when we asked for an African American family smiling together we got a man with a ladies blouse on him.

wrong flag of the UAE generated by AI software
The wrong flag of UAE was generated by AI software

Finally, we were exploring options for UAE national day. Every time we asked for images relevant to the UAE with flags, the wrong flag was portrayed. AI software just doesn’t know the flags of the world well yet, which is quite surprising.

Despite all of our AI fails, we also got some surprising and useful results. AI software can be a useful tool to generate some quick ideas which can be reworked and used slightly differently when you have the experience to know what to do with them. AI software is likely to improve a lot over the coming years, as many people are using it and each inputted image or command with feedback is giving it the tools to improve. The images we got were not a big file size, often a bit hazy and low resolution in some parts. So they were more useful for small print format or to use for instagram, etc. Not for larger formats such as billboards. Although AI tools are still not perfect, we can see that they can be used to speed up some workflows and generate some quick new ideas. Will AI software steal our jobs? Only time will tell, but we need more improvements in the software to make it a reality.

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