Leather Leather everywhere

Everyone wants to follow the market sector leader and risk as little as possible to achieve sales.

If some new approach works well then everyone else follows suit and makes their own version of whatever new trend has emerged.  Let’s examine the trend for leather in the Middle East which has been so popular for mass market and ‘masstige’ perfumes.

This trend was started by NABEEL PERFUMES with their Chris Adams range. Not only PU leather on bottle covers and caps, but also outer packaging. It proved a real hit in local sales as well as exports.


STERLING PERFUMES have covered this trend very well in their upper range Armaf and also lower price Estiara ranges. They have been the most prolific, have launched many new items with PU leather accessories.

One could argue that the factory who has been the true leader of this trend is EMPER. They have launched product after product which has performed well in the market in the masstige segment. Due to good product engineering and good graphic design, the concepts work well as a whole, for this reason they are able to sell at a higher price than most other factories selling similar products.

Al Haramain perfumes has launched some concepts following this trend for their new Rich & Ruitz brand.

The long established Dhamma & Sons factory has also contributed to the trend with their own leather clad concepts in the Giovanni Bacci range. 

My Perfumes factory also has its own range of high quality leather clad brands, though not so many as companies like emper and sterling.

Last, but not least Lataffa perfumes have introduced many leather decorated perfume concepts in their western style  Vurv perfume collection.

It would be nice to see if we can see other strong trends emerging, as many of the leather concepts are now looking very similar for the past few years.  Whilst accessories add character to a perfume bottle, this focus on plastic covers with fake leather glued onto it has meant that we have seen less beautiful creative bottle and cap shapes recently. It is difficult to appreciate the beautiful simplicity of a well manufactured glass bottle when it is covered by plastic and faux leather.

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